Top Accessories all Photogs should have

Photography is an expensive hobby, you can spend thousands of dollars on new lenses alone. There is no shortage of things you can buy when it comes to this hobby or career. Here is a list of the top accessories all photographers should have.

White Balancing Tools

A great and handy tool to have whenever you’re shooting is having a white balance tool. Most cameras you can buy have an auto white balance function that works automatically. Pros or serious shooters rather manually configure the WB. There are white balancing tools available. These tools allow for WB control items in pictures that the photographer can dial in to.

Memory Card Wallet

If you are like us than you probably have multiple of cards on you all the time. Having a memory card wallet is a life saver when it comes to organizing and separation. Here is a pro tip, when it comes to memory cards, keep a range of different sizes. The reason for this is to just incase your card gets corrupted, you have other backups. Check out some memory card wallets here.

Camera Bag

Bags are an important for photographers because it keeps your camera and lenses safe and in secure. Camera bags come in all different shapes and sizes. All our photographers use the Incase DSLR Pro Pack.


If you dont have a tripod than you are missing out on a lot of good styles and photos. Tipods are great for multiple different types of pictures.

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